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MT-PEC Releases 2015 Mid-Term Legislative Voting Record

and "The Case Against Tax Benefits"

**CLICK HERE for MT-PEC Spotlight Report on the Mid-Term Voting Record**

** CLICK HERE for MT-PEC Spotlight: "The Case Against Tax Benefits" **


MREA Identifies Priorities for the 2015 Session

During the past year MREA has conducted a variety of Board meetings and membership meetings along with polls and surveys of schools and education advocates across the state. As a result of this process we have identified the following priorities for the 2015 legislative Session:

  • Support for the remaining funding elements that were included in SB 175 from the 2013 Legislative Session
  • Support for inflationary increases included within the state funding formula
  • Addressing the concern of our members over the dramatic increase in Federal and State Reporting and Paperwork and the negative impact this is having on schools across our state
  • Addressing the manner in which the Office of Public Instruction (OPI) administers Federal and State reporting requirements which contributes to the negative impact on schools
  • Plans for active participation in the upcoming 10 Year Study of K-12 Education here in Montana
  • Support for legislation giving independent elementary districts the local control and ability to decide K-12 expansion issues at the local level with their voters and educational community


MT-PEC Releases Issue Spotlight on School Choice

The Key Points in the Spotlight are:

  • Privatization is not about choice.
  • Existing laws protect private and home school choices.
  • Families are choosing public, private and home school options every day without interference under existing law.
  • Public schools provide a full range of choices.
  • Public schools operate under laws and constitutional provisions that represent a "Pact of Accountability" with voters and communities.
  • Privatization proposals seek an escape clause from the "Pact of Accountability" with and to communities.
  • Privatization proposals seek to fund untested concepts to replace public schools that are operating with excellence and efficiency.
  • Canned ideas from the American Legislative Exchange Council and other out of state groups don't fit Montana's circumstances.
  • Montana families are freely exercising choice without interference and our schools are operating with excellence and efficiency without any need to experiment with unproven proposals that drain resources away from children located in Montana's public schools.

**Click Here to see the full Issue Spotlight on School Choice!**


MREA’s Legislative Briefings for Members

During the upcoming session MREA will once again be providing our members with detailed “Online Legislative Briefings” as things develop here in Helena with a specific focus on issues having a direct impact on Montana’s small, rural and independent elementary schools.

MREA will also be providing our members with a comprehensive and interactive list of bills allowing our members to track developments in “real time” as they happen here at the Capitol.

Please click on the “Update Your District’s Contact Information” arrow above to make certain your school is included in these services.


The Great Work of Montana's Public Schools

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