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Keynote Address: Pornographers, Pedophiles and other Perpetrators

of Cyber Crimes: Vulnerabilities and Solutions


Marcus Lawson, President of Global CompuSearch



Marcus Lawson is a renowned national expert on cyber crimes. Click on the link below to learn more on his extensive credentials:


MREA AND MCS were proud to feature Marcus Lawson during MCEL 2013 during our association's track of sectionals. Mr. Lawson's presentation was one of the most popular sectionals at MCEL with many attendees turned away due to the standing-room only crowd. MCS Is proud to bring Marcus back to Montana!....don't miss the great opportunity to hear this national expert discuss issues of critical importance to Montana Schools!


MT-PEC/Zogby Poll Reflects Strong Support for Public Schools Among Montana Voters

September 2, 2014, Helena: The Montana Public Education Center released results of a recent poll of Montana Voters¹ opinions on K-12 Public Education Issues today. The poll was conducted by respected international polling and research company Zogby Analytics, using industry-standard methodologies with a margin of error of +/-4.5%. The poll results reveal a strong sentiment of support among Montana Voters for K-12 public education on a wide range of issues. Key results include:

Montanans Give Top Ratings to their Community Schools. When asked to grade their local community public schools, 66.5% of Montana Voters would give their local schools an A or a B.

Montana Voters Overwhelmingly Support Delivery of a Well Rounded Public Education. When asked whether K-12 Public Education should be well rounded or focus on the basics, 88.8% identified a preference for a well-rounded public education (including gifted and talented, music, art and physical education, technology, advanced placement courses) for Montana students.

Montana Voters Want To See K-12 Public Education Funding Prioritized First In State Budget Discussions. When asked to identify the highest priority among state budget priorities, K-12 public education was mentioned more frequently (54.2%) than any other spending priority.

Montana Voters Trust Educators Most to do right by Students in Montana¹s Public Schools. When asked to identify whom they trust most to decide what is best academically for students in Montana public schools, voters ranked teachers (39.6%) and locally elected school boards (27.1%) and school superintendents (9.4%) highest and the U.S. Department of Education (1.6%), and the Legislature and Governor (both at 0.4%) the lowest.

Montanans Oppose Tax Benefits for Private School Tuition. Voters oppose giving tax benefits for tuition at parochial schools by a 54%-41.2% margin. The margin of opposition to tax benefits for tuition at private schools is even more pronounced when queried for private schools without community-elected school boards (opposed, 66.6%-30%) and private schools not subject to open meeting, public document and public participation laws (opposed, 73.6%-21.1%).

Montana Voters Care About Their K-12 Public Education-Related Constitutional Guarantees. An extraordinarily high percentage of Montana Voters identified constitutional guarantees under Article X of the Montana Constitution as either ³very² or ³somewhat² important to them. Highest marks were given by voters to the guarantees of adequate and equitable funding by the Legislature (93.5%), supervision and control by elected school boards (90.9%) and general supervision and development of educational standards by the Board of Public Education (85.3%).

Montana Voters Believe State and Federal Mandates are Too Burdensome and Detract from Educators¹ Needed Focus on Instruction, Interaction with Parents and Keeping the Public Informed. When asked whether mandates imposed by Congress and the State Legislature are too burdensome, too lenient or about right, 57.4% chose ³too burdensome.² The results on this question were reinforced by Voters¹ answers on related questions, where Voters identified a strong preference for allocating teachers¹ and administrators¹ time on instruction of students, keeping the public informed and interacting with parents over complying with state and federal mandates.

For full polling results please click on the "Resources" tab above. The Montana Public Education Center is a joint initiative of the Montana Association of School Business Officials, MEA-MFT, Montana Rural Education Association, Montana School Boards Association, Montana Quality Education Coalition and School Administrators of Montana. Our Vision is for Montana's public schools to lead as centers of excellence, life-readiness and opportunity. We believe that Montanans everywhere must stand up and advocate for great public schools and the students our public schools educate.


MTSBA Joins forces with MREA to Save School Districts Money on Purchases

Helena, June 9, 2014:  MREA and MTSBA announced a new partnership in expanding access to MREA’s Montana Cooperative Services (MCS) purchasing program today.  The success of MCS over the last ten years has been compelling, helping school districts across the state enjoy tremendous savings on a wide variety of goods and services used in our public schools.  Those savings have in turn allowed many school districts to redirect resources that had previously been paid out in profits to third parties toward increasing student achievement.

This new partnership makes it possible for EVERY SCHOOL DISTRICT IN MONTANA to be part of these savings as you purchase products and services used every day in school buildings across the state at the lowest price available in Montana.  MCS has accomplished this success and with the resulting huge savings to our Montana schools as part of the national “AEPA”…the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies.  Through AEPA, MCS here in Montana combines forces with education advocates in twenty-five other states as we go out to bid in demanding the very best prices for all of our schools on thousands of common products and services that our schools purchase every year.  MCS takes care of all of the state laws and the tremendous time involved in  dealing with state and federal bidding requirements…your school district then reaps the benefits of nationally leveraged pricing with all of these contracts awarded right here in Montana.

When your school makes a purchase through MCS your school is guaranteed the very best price available on QUALITY products or services that have met all of our rigorous national AEPA specifications.  You have the full backing of both MCS here in Montana and AEPA on the national level should you have problems with these vendors or services.  In addition to these local benefits for your district, your membership organizations receive a small service fee that is included in your savings that we use to expand and improve services and advocacy for our members before the Montana Legislature. 

If your school district has already joined MCS for the upcoming 2014-15 school year we want to thank you…you are now part of a much larger effort to save Montana schools even more money!  If your school district has NOT joined MCS we hope that you will join this statewide effort now supported and recommended by both MREA and MTSBA!


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